Jan 17, 2007

so, in a little less than 3 months hubb and i will have been married for 4 years. for our 5-er we are planning a trip to europe (and an addition to my ring finger, hopefully), but for this year we're not quite sure what we'd like to do. at one year we were very very poor, but hubb still surprised me with dinner and a night at the sofitel. for year number two we were also very very poor and hubb was oh-so-inconveniently sent to italy for a business trip, on a plane that was scheduled to depart on our anniversary. so i sucked it up and popped on over to hawaii to visit my best friend for a week. we spent our wedding anniversary exactly half the earth away from each other. last year we made up for it by taking an amazing trip up the west coast, from los angeles to san francisco and had a blast. it will be hard to live up to.

this year there are four options:
1. portland, oregon. never been, great food scene, wine country nearby.
2. san diego, california. never been, it will be warm, the ocean is nearby.
3. montreal, quebec. never been, hear it is "paris of north america", out of the country!
4. guadalajara, mexico. never been to mexico, it will be warm, tacos, the town of tequila is nearby!

we're leaning towards hightailing it out of the us, though not far, so quebec and guadalajara are our top runners right now. unless a fifth option pops up, or someone (that's you, reader) gives me some pointers......


Erik said...

Akiko and I just got back from Mexico...both Mexico City and Acapulco. If you decide to go there let us know...we can give you lots of pointers!

Hillary said...

yeah, i'd have some montreal tips. i don't know about paris of the whatever, but it was cool.

san diego isn't anniversary fodder. it's fun and warm and pretty but...i don't know. however, one of my better friends (and another friend and uncle + family) live there if you want suggestions.

Erielle said...

Those are some good options you have made for yourself!
My first choice out of all those places would be Portland. It is such a neat city, and driving around to all the vineyards in Willamette Valley is so much fun. Then you don't feel guilty when you start drinking at 11 in the morning! I could give you some recommendations for vineyards where the people are real nice and the wine is real good.

Mexico is so beautiful, though. Oh, and the tacos! If you went, you should try to get to the coast as well. Some city time and some beach time.

sara said...

I cannot believe this is your fourth anniversary. I remember your second! When Hubb left for Italy and you did Hawaii and all!

So congratulations on 4 years. I vote for Mexico, it'll have the best stories. Also, do Mexico now while you're young - you have plenty of time for the US and Canada!

jolayne said...

Montreal is a fun city - I have done a long weekend with the"girlfriends", a two nighter for a Madonna concert and an extra long weekend with the "husband" ---- shopping is plenty, funky restaurants are in abundance, galleries throughout, you can dance all night if you want to ...

I don't think of it as a place for a holiday though -- unless you are going to go into the mountains or to Old Quebec City. It is one of those cities that is almost better explored when one has a limited amount of time ---- go hard and go home (know what I mean?)

I could go on and on about Portland and I think it is a great little city to visit at any time of the year but go when you can enjoy one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world (in my humble opinion)and rent a beach house for a couple of nights or camp along the way -- early summer to early fall (having said that, i have enjoyed the coast in every season - include pissing rain season, it was just as beautiful as it was in the sun)

I vote Mexico.