Jan 30, 2007

merriam-webster word of the day:

katzenjammer \KAT-zun-jam-er\ noun
*1 : hangover 2 : distress 3 : a discordant clamor
Example sentence: The morning after the wedding, Pamela woke up with a blinding katzenjammer.

i am in love with this word. i will be using it every chance i get from here on out. you've been warned.

i've been away, mostly because i had a terribly debilitating cold that really, really kicked my ass. i was in bed (on the couch) for three and a half days, and i'm still a little stuffy and weak. i think i read 7 cookbooks in between sleeping on the couch, and came up with some great recipes that i only had the energy to make two of on sunday when i was feeling a little bit better. i will post those soon.

speaking of which, i'm thinking of throwing in the towel to the uneducated chef, and just using this forum for my general bullcrap with some recipes and reviews and food stuff thrown in. i can't keep up with two blogs. i am so not cut out for web 2.0.

i am missing girltime and am getting a drink with a friend tonight (i sure hope i don't have a ripping katzenjammer tomorrow!) and maybe a girlie movie night next week. another friend of mine is pregnant (wtf is going on with all of these pregnant people right now?) and i need to hang out with some friends who are not reproducing for a while and drink wine and celebrate our empty wombs and ability to wake up with killer katzenjammers without the guilt of poisoning anyone but ourselves. woo!


fueledbycoffee said...

I think you should keep UC!

Hillary said...

i just emailed someone the word katzenjammer. the phrase that i've been wanting to work into more conversations comes courtesy of overheard in new york:

Teen boy #1: Oh man, it was like an episode of I Love Lucy.
Teen boy #2: I love who?
Teen boy #1: Lucy. Oh man,you don't know what I Love Lucy is? Bam! I ain't your friend no more.

i'm going to start saying " bam! I ain't your friend no more" as often as possible.

also, that was me! the friend you were getting a drink with. and we had yummy cheese!

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