Jan 19, 2007

random fridayness:

richard sweeney is incredible and amazing. and kind of cute.

in 24 hours i am FINALLY going to hot dougs. i'm already drooling in anticipation of the duck fat fries.

in two months, i am FINALLY going to schwa. finally. oh my god two months is so far away!

i just learned that there is a le creuset outlet in aurora. anyone want to take a road trip (after my credit card cycle starts over)?

i'm just glad it's friday and tomorrow i can sleep in.


Erielle said...

Oh, Hot Doug's! You're going to have a blast! I want to go back so badly. I already decided that next time I go, I am going to be wasteful and order two sausages, knowing full well I won't be able to finish both of them. But I'll get to taste two sausages, instead of one. And I'll convince whoever I am with to order two as well, so I can try four instead of two.

And congratulations on getting a Schwa reservation! I have not yet been successful at that. Well, I've only tried twice, so I'll keep trying.

Hillary said...

hot doug's is so awesome. how much did you love it? it's pretty close to my house (well, further than deb wanted to walk, but we did) and i plan to go a lot once it gets warm out again.