Mar 9, 2007

10 things i've been doing rather than blogging:

1. watching the sopranos (we're on disc 2 of season 6!) and a few good movies (the science of sleep - LOVED it, babel - liked it...but am still depressed)
2. taking some photos, mostly of myself.
3. cutting my own hair because i can't get in to see my stylist to lighten up the back.
4. still trying to decide where to go next month for our anniversary. leaving the country is out because i'm not so sure i'll have a valid passport by then. everything is up in the air, and i'm almost considering a few days off work to just relax in chicago.
5. daydreaming about springtime and little cute shoes.
6. finally getting the office cleaned and decorated.
7. getting back into having cheap dates with the hubb.
8. getting amped up for schwa next thursday! (most definitely NOT a cheap date, but that's ok.)
9. ignoring the fact that my taxes need to get done.
10. starting posts then getting distracted and never finishing them.

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